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Question   Tina and Richard's Wedding
I'm Tina's Mother and wasn't able to be at the wedding due to health reasons.But looking at the wonderful pictures you took,makes me feel alot better.You did a Great job Kathy and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Vicky Mailes February 17, 2009

  Answer Mrs Mailes,
I am so trilled you are enjoying the photos. Tina was a beautiful bride and the wedding was lovely. Thank you so much for you comment and may God Bless.


- Kathy Reeves  February 19, 2009

  Answer That isnihgt would have saved us a lot of effort early on.

- Christiana Christiana  January 19, 2012

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Question   editing software
Your images are GORGEOUS! May I ask what editing software you use to get the effects & backgrounds to your images? Also, you have several images I'd like to purchase. How do I identify to you which one it is?

-  February 05, 2009

  Answer Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. I use PhotoShop CS3 for my photo editing.
Just tell me what gallery they are in and a brief discription.


- Kathy Reeves  February 06, 2009

  Answer These topics are so confusing but this heepld me get the job done.

- Xaria Xaria  August 29, 2011

  Answer TexasBlonde,Thanks!!I do use Photoshop but these pictures were done using pinick.com (a free and EASY photo editing program). Although, pinick is free I upgraded ($24.99/year, SO worth it!!).Hope this helps!!

- Hilary Hilary  January 07, 2013

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Question   Exquisite and outstanding images!
Congratulations on your feature on BP - your work is most inspiring and takes me to places I have not seen! There is such an undeniable peace and gentleness in the creatures reflected in your photos and give such honor to the Creator of all life. The Lord continue to bless your work because He makes you a special blessing!
sarah christian

- Sarah A. Christian February 03, 2009

  Answer Sarah,
I am touched by your inspiring comments. Thank you.


- Kathy Reeves  February 04, 2009

  Answer Your's is a point of view where real intlelignece shines through.

- Gytha Gytha  January 19, 2012

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Question   Amazon
Beautiful work, Kathy! I was truly inspired by your photos. I am a novice myself, but LOVE photography. I am a medical missionary and have been to the Amazon Jungle of Peru the last two years. Where in the Amazon were your photos taken? I was in Iquitos and went 22-30 hours up river and back stopping at different villages and holding clinics. My team and I stayed with the people and got some awesome shots. I would love to go to the Gallopagos too! Once again, absolutely gorgeous work! Visit my site sometime when you get a chance and give me some constructive criticism. I welcome your advice!


-  February 02, 2009

  Answer Joe Lynn,
I did travel from Iquitos and spent a week deep in the jungle. I found the village people to be delightful. God bless you for your work with them! I will visit your web site and get back to you! Thank you for visiting and your kind comments.

- Kathy Reeves  February 03, 2009

  Answer Joe Lynn,
I did travel from Iquitos and spent a week deep in the jungle. I found the village people to be delightful. God bless you for your work with them! I will visit your web site and get back to you! Thank you for visiting and your kind comments.

- Kathy Reeves  February 03, 2009

  Answer Thanks for the great info dog I owe you bgiigty.

- Mande Mande  August 29, 2011

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Question   BOOKS

- PAT DITTBERNER February 02, 2009

  Answer Pat,
I have no books at this time Pat. If you join the mailing list I will let you know. Thank you so much.


- Kathy Reeves  February 03, 2009

  Answer Pin my tail and call me a donkey, that rlealy helped.

- Shanna Shanna  January 18, 2012

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Question   Your art
Kathy, I can't get over your amazing work! It truely inspires me to the core.Amazing gallery!

- Cheryl E. Molennor January 23, 2009

  Answer Thank you Cheryl for stopping by and for your wonderful comment.


- Kathy Reeves  February 03, 2009

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Question   Fabulous Photos
Hi Kathy:
My wife, Gina & I love your photograph's Gina has loved Tiger's for years, and had her wish to hold one come to fruit a couple of years ago. Tiger ID 46-19666 is her favourite, and if we can find a photo on our walls to move we will purchase a print.

It was a pleasure to look at your photographs.

Gus & Gina Hallgren, Green Valley, AZ.

- Gus & Gina Hallgren August 23, 2008

  Answer Thank you so much for you fantastic comments! Tigers are such magnificent animals, how wonderful that you got to hold one!

Kathy Reeves

- Kathy Reeves  August 31, 2008

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Question   Excellent work
Hi Kathy. I am fairly new to BetterPhoto and am slowly making my way around the different sites. Good job on the site build and excellent work behind the lens.

- Gary Marshall July 27, 2008

  Answer Thank you so much Gary!

- Kathy Reeves  July 28, 2008

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Question   Lenses
Love your pictures. Are you still using the Rebel XT? I have one and like it. Do you use a long L lens? I was wondering which one.

- Janet M. Davis July 05, 2008

  Answer Janet,
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I have recently purchased a Canon MkIII and I use a Cannon 100-400mm L IS lens. I do like the lens but is very heavy.
Thank you again for visiting and for your kind comments.

- Kathy Reeves  July 08, 2008

  Answer If information were soccer, this would be a goooaool!

- Wednesday Wednesday  August 29, 2011

  Answer Samsung 30mm NX Pancake lens for NX Series Cameras (Electronics)As of March 2011, this is the best and fastest lens for the Samsung NX setsym. It is equivalent to about 45mm on full format cameras (a typical standard prime lens). It is made of quality plastic with a metal mount and the front element does not rotate. Auto focus is nearly silent and accuracy is excellent. Manual focus is smooth. Distortions and vignetting are minimal to non existent. I have spotted some purple fringing in extreme contrast situations at F2 but that's typical. It's very sharp straight from F2 and becomes excellent by F4. I use it on a NX100. Great combination. Would make Henri Cartier-Bresson proud. It really brings out the best in this camera. If you turn off the distortion correction feature, the continuous shooting buffer doubles from 7 to 14 jpegs. And from 3 to almost 6 for RAW. In addition, when you set the kit lens (20-50mm) to 30mm it's fastest aperture is F4.5. That's over 2 stops slower than this pancake lens! I never have to use flash with this lens. Makes my camera pocketable (large pockets). Do wish it had the i-function button and was faster to F1.4 but keep the pancake design. As is, it's really a 45mm F2.8 lens in regards to depth of field on full frame 35mm. This is okay, but at F1.4 image isolation could really stand out. The price seems high in comparison to the Nikon 35 F1.8 DX which costs less than 200.

- Gabriel Gabriel  October 13, 2012

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Question   Impressive Work
Very impressive and beautiful collection of work.
I love the amazing detail and action you capture, Kathy.
It is such a pleasure to spend time enjoying your site.

-  July 04, 2008

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Question   Wow!
Hey Kathy, just wanted to leave a note to let you know that I think your work is wonderful! You are very talented and I think you'll go very far with this semi-newfound passion. You've captured some amazing moments.

-  April 04, 2008

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Question   Very Nice Site
Hello Kathy, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your gallery. You have some wonderful images.

- Carlton Ward April 03, 2008

  Answer In fact there is a word similar like that in Hindi for a Crow. You might have heard the fomuas song Maye Ni Maye Munder Pe Teri Bol Raha Hai Kaaga which if translated means Mother, mother, on your parapet a crow is cawing So Kaaga in Hindi (Brij Language would mean a Crow), but in this case it is Kaaka.

- Laximan Laximan  April 11, 2013

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Question   red tail hawk
hi , kathy my name is dave you are very lucky to have a raptor to trust you so much to get that close to get those shots, you are a great photographer kudos to you. thank you for sharing those pics great work keep u the great work dave

-  February 17, 2008

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Question   Amazing Gallery

Beautiful gallery and stunning and well captured images, both here and at BetterPhoto.

Best regards,

- Reyno Rosete January 31, 2008

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Question   lenses, adapters
Your work is amazing.

Which lenses are you using?

Also, where in South Louisiana are you living?

I'm in Lafayette!

- Bunny Snow November 12, 2007

  Answer That's not just logic. That's rlaely sensible.

- Loradae Loradae  October 13, 2012

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Question   Beautiful Gallery
Fantastic work my friend your gallery is so awesome and beautiful!!

-  October 16, 2007

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Question   Galapagos Images
Terrific images from the Galapagos, Kathy. I see a few Winners from this trip.

I have to show my daughter. She has been wanting to go. Thanks for sharing them.


- Mike D. Perez October 10, 2007

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Question   Roscoe
I am the lady from Experimental Statistics Department on the LSU Campus. You were taking pictures of Roscoe today... 9.06.07.
You said you would send us an email
picture of him.. If you have a good shot of him we would appreciate it.

-  September 06, 2007

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Question   Camera
What camera do you use?

-  July 11, 2007

  Answer Scott,
Thank you so much for visiting my gallery and your wonderful comments. I use a Canon Rebel XT .

- Kathy Reeves  July 11, 2007

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Question   Impressed
Very Impressed with your gallery !

-  July 11, 2007

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